Concert Review: Weekend Warrior World Tour

August is probably the worst month ever.

Besides my birthday (August 17th, just saying), there really is nothing good that happens. August means the end of summer, the dreaded beginning of the new school year quickly approaching, and most importantly: the end of the summer concert season for us New Englanders.

We wait all year for an outdoor, country filled summer and it goes by WAY too fast.

But luckily this year August wasn’t so bad because of one man: Brad Paisley.

The crazy multitalented country superstar made Mansfield, MA one of his stops on his Weekend Warrior World Tour and thanks to him, New England country fans got to hold on to summer for just a little bit longer.

As talented as Paisley is, even he needs a little help on the road. Openers Lindsay Ell, Chase Bryant and Dustin Lynch all joined Paisley at The Xfinity Center to get the crowd warmed up and ready for an incredible night.


Lindsay Ell
photo: Lindsay Ell Instagram

Up-and-comer Lindsay Ell was first to kick off the night. With Ell’s debut album, The Project, set to release August 11th, fans were excited to hear some new stuff and Ell was just as excited to play it. While also giving fans a sneak peek of what’s to come, Ell also played her very catchy radio single “By The Way”.


Chase Bryant
photo: Chase Bryant Instagram

Paisley isn’t the only amazing guitar player on this tour. Chase Bryant crushed it on his bright blue guitar this weekend and got the crowd going with his popular singles “Take it on Back” and “Little Bit of You”.


After opening for artists like Keith Urban and Luke Bryan, it was no wonder Paisley asked Dustin Lynch to join him on the road. The “Mind Reader” singer has an edgy twist on traditional country music that fans just love. While Lynch kept the crowd going with songs like “Where It’s At” and his latest single “Small Town Boy”, he had no problem slowing it down with his US Platinum song “Cowboys and Angels”.

If it wasn’t a party already, it became one when a man dressed from head to toe in red, white and blue carrying an American Flag ran around the stage while Lynch sang. The man’s appearance caused fans to chant “USA” with pride as Lynch took off his hat in respect.


As I said before Paisley is known for many things, but one of his concert staples is visuals. Whether it’s having funny videos or a holographic of another artist by his side, Paisley knows how to make his shows not only pleasing to the ear but to the eye as well.

And of course this show wasn’t any different.


Appearing in front of a screen lit up with the words “Last Time For Everything” in a Stranger Things style, Paisley started off this set with his latest single of the same name. With the visuals as companions, Paisley performed “One Beer” with a video of a party gone wrong and later on “Old Alabama” with a video of the band Alabama, all playing behind him.

Paisley also brought back his openers to play a song with each of them. Paisley and Bryant shredded their guitars while performing “American Saturday Night”, Lynch came out to sing his humorous song “I’m Still A Guy” and finally Ell joined Paisley for his haunting duet, “Whiskey Lullaby”.

Before the end of the night, Paisley took a second to address the crowd, calling the thousands of MA fans “bean eatin’, wicked awesome New Englanders” which got some laughs and cheers.

And you know what, we might be all of that, but Paisley forgot one more thing: we’re also some of the best country fans around.

Thanks for crushin’ it Paisley and for saving August.

Boston Belle






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