Concert Review: All-American Road Show

A cloudy and cool Massachusetts night with the possibility of rain showers wasn’t the most ideal concert weather for sure, but that didn’t stop Chris Stapleton and friends from putting on their show in Mansfield, MA this past Friday.

Smooth singing Brent Cobb started off the night ready to go. Last year, Brent released his most recent album Shine On Rainy Day, and shared a few songs from it with Mansfield. Besides focusing on his own music, Brent has also written for other artists including Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert.

Speaking of Miranda Lambert, her current beau Anderson East also opened up for Chris Stapleton. His performance transformed The Xfinity Center into a church, and his soulful voice and band complete with piano player made fans feel like they were in pews rather than venue chairs.

Now after a long work week and a day full of tailgating, fans were ready to see their favorite, big bearded country singer take the stage.


Chris Stapleton.PNG
photo: Chris Stapleton Instagram


Chris can do more than just grow a mean beard, but he’s also an extremely talented singer and song writer. With a unique voice and music witg Southern rock/bluegrass roots, it was no surprise that Chris’s first two albums Traveller and From A Room: Volume 1 both earned the Billboard Music Award for Top Country Album in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

As for songwriting, Chris has written numerous songs for a variety of country artists including Kenny Chesney’s “Never Wanted Nothing More” and Thomas Rhett’s “Crash and Burn”. The Kentucky born singer hasn’t just shared his gift with fellow country artists, Chris has also written songs for pop artists such as Adele and even collaborated with Justin Timberlake.

Mansfield rocked along as Chris sang many songs off his albums including “Nobody to Blame” and No.1 song “Tennessee Whiskey”. I will say I was a little disappointed Chris didn’t play “Either Way” as that is my current sad/slow song jam.

While you won’t get a ton of movement or high energy coming from the stage during a Chris Stapleton concert, you will get music with meaningful lyrics and a voice the brings it all to life.

While the country music industry is always developing and growing, it’s artists like Chris Stapleton that reminds us of it’s roots and where it all began, and for that reason I encourage you all to try and see Chris, Anderson and Brett out on the road on the All American Road Show Tour.

Boston Belle




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